Tower companies and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the telecommunications industry know that security is the most crucial investment they will make. Protecting cell towers from the imminent threat of terrorism, vandalism, and theft is critical but uniquely challenging, in that cell towers managed by a single company are typically spread throughout large geographical regions. Tower security needs become even more complex when considering the number of maintenance workers who need access to various sites.


Telecom Networks are manpower intensive, energy intensive, susceptible to theft and technical breakdowns and site downtime. NOC operators suffer from a fragmented view of data, and multiple, inefficient management platforms.

A Telecom Tower is constantly visited, monitored and serviced by different field executives, this makes it a vulnerable target for misuse at the hands of physical keys and unsystematic staff.

The process involved in Key management is laborious, and passed on through different hands, in different time frames just to complete one task. This makes it possible for the keys to be copied/lost or stolen.

Our Solution

OpenApp’s Smart Access Solutions are like a 24/7 watch dog over all technicians/contractors that are accessing the Cell towers. Misuse/negligence is cut off from the system with maximum security even in the remotest region. With OpenApp:

  • Access is scheduled ahead of time to automate process (can also be given in the moment).
  • Access log will tell the Operator details on when the lock was accessed, by whom thereby giving him control over site.
  • Keys cannot be copied, so no access is possible outside the access rights working hours.

Simplified Access

With OpenApp Smart Solutions, locking/unlocking happens on a smartphone. The Technician receives access rights to open one or more locks via OpenApp Mobile Application when he has arrived on site. The lock auto-locks in a few seconds.

The task is completed in two steps instead of the Technician going into the HQ to collect the keys or wait for another technician to hand them over.

The Admin at HQ can also schedule access ahead of time which eliminates his requirement/presence at the time the Technician’s service is required at the Telecom tower.

Both the Admin and the Managers have a complete and transparent overview of operations of each lock at each tower and of every Technician in the system.

Results & Benefits

  • Prevented unauthorized and unscheduled Cell tower ascent.
  • Location based access as an enabling factor for Technicians/staff to be present and active at work.
  • Transparent and Complete picture of operations through Remote Monitoring.
  • Solved all issues related to a ‘mechanical’ locking system such as bumping locks, lost keys, etc
  • Data and Analytics (Exportable format) to boost operational performance and ROI.
  • Live Dashboard providing real-time action around users, locks, and groups.
  • Admin and Management receives customizable ‘exception’ and ‘error’ reports.
  • Ability to schedule access ahead of time gives operational flexibility to the management to focus on improving the business instead of hiring multitudes of Admins to manage lakhs of keys and access manually.

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