Traditional warehouse control systems have not been engineered to optimally function in this new age. In order to optimise performance and increase efficiency, warehouse management and control systems also need to be re imagined and re conceptualised to integrate with the Internet of Things by incorporating intelligence and connectivity. There is no doubt that OpenApp will take the efficiency of your warehouse to a new level; it is a game changer that will transform your supply chain in many ways.


$40-60 Billion

is lost every year to Cargo theft


of all Frieght thefts happen in ware- houses.

  • Lack of Real-time visibility of movements, whether it’s forklifts, pallets or workers. This does not include inventory from warehouse in movement. Products are transferred between many points – manufacturers, suppliers, distribution warehouses, retailers and end-users. Getting a grip on the whereabouts of these products cannot be done with traditional/generic means of tracking, which have a reputation of malfunctioning.
  • Manual collection of Entry and Exit Data is erroneous and unreliable because the data is prone to be tracked from the level of perception of the person tracking it. Manual tracking is never free from prejudice and slights.
  • Loss of precious time trying to locate misplaced stock or lost pallets due to data entry mistakes.
  • Mismanagement leading to a huge number of accidents in the warehouse and worker injuries, equipment damage and downtime.
  • RFID systems require Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi, only supports its own proprietary tags, and most important of all, it is a costly affair. If you are using passive RFID technology where the cost of tags are cheap, you will need 300+ readers to cover a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse – making the proposition expensive. With active RFID technology, you can do it with just 50 readers, but active RFID tags are many times more expensive than passive RFID tags.
  • CCTV cameras capture every second of the action during an inventory theft. Yet, warehouse inventory theft cannot be prevented by security cameras alone. Someone always needs to watch closely if items are being picked (with malicious intent). This is close to impossible because your employees, vendors, and contractors are constantly picking up and dropping goods in your warehouse. It is hard to differentiate between regular handling and someone intentionally storing an item away, only to walk out with it later.
  • OTL/Container seals are not re usable and can be easily tampered. The effectiveness of seals is strongly dependent on the proper protocols for using them. A sophisticated seal used poorly may be worse than useless if naively trusted.

Our Solution

Embracing OpenApp’s Access Technology solutions enables you to run a super efficient warehouse, resulting in asset optimisation, accuracy and a decrease in asset losses. With this enhanced connectivity, the impact of intelligence will be felt in every area of your business and throughout the chain enabling you to focus on the important tasks, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

  • Unlimited Digital Keys for Access Control (Give/Revoke Access)
  • View lock and user activity via Access Logs from anywhere in the World
  • Categorize and Group locks and Users (For bigger organizations)
  • Lock your Access destination (Geofencing)
  • Intelligent anomaly reporting features
  • Full Access Data anytime/ anywhere

In addition to this, Warehouses will no longer rely on disposable seals which can be tampered with or stolen. With OpenApp, Warehouses can grant and revoke access to whomever they want, whenever they want. It’s assets and inventory stay secure, its employees stay honest, and its managers stay in control. Further substantial savings have been realized by the ability to reuse OpenApp Smart locks instead of seals.

On top of customized access, OpenApp provides Warehouses with real-time data so managers can make insightful, cost effective decisions to improve the bottom line. OpenApp’s audit trails and advanced reports allow Warehouses to manage its team and resources in a way that is safe, smart, and convenient.

Results & Benefits

  • Prevented unauthorized and unscheduled access.
  • Reduced incidence of Inventory theft and disappearance.
  • Transparent and Complete picture of operations through Remote Monitoring.
  • Solved all issues related to a ‘mechanical’ locking system such as bumping locks, lost keys, etc
  • Data and Analytics (Exportable format) to boost operational performance and ROI.
  • Live Dashboard providing real-time action around users, locks, and groups.
  • Admin and Management receives customizable ‘exception’ and ‘error’ reports.
  • Ability to schedule access ahead of time gives operational flexibility



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