No. of Internet Switch Boxes (South India) : 1,00,000 Units
Batteries Pilfered per month : 500
Batteries Pilfered yearly : 6,000 (approx)
Annual Cost to Company to Pilferage : INR. 48,00,000


For want of a ‘key’ to secure its nearly 6.5 lakh internet switch boxes across south India (the backup batteries in these boxes are often pilfered), one of India’s leading internet service providers (ISP) was fighting a losing battle.

The situation was fast turning into a nightmare for the ISP, which was struggling with skyrocketing costs, as well as its customers, who were disgruntled with the shoddy service.

Why is pilferage happening?

You must have noticed when you lose internet connectivity at home and call for a technician to fix the problem, the latter hops back out to check your ‘switch box’ and comes back — usually in a jiffy — saying the connection’s been re- stored.

That’s because most internet downtimes are due to switch box issues rather than larger problems at the ISP or infra- structure end (like what happened in the aftermath of the recent cyclone in Chennai).

Often, it’s simply that the switch box has no power and the backup battery that should’ve kept the switch running in case of a power failure has been pilfered, Every year, approximately 48 Lakhs is lost to battery pilferage alone. The bigger damage is the loss of customer trust with every failed connection and the time taken to fix it.

Sure, the switch boxes are protected by lock and key. But, managing lakhs of physical keys is an onerous task bound to result in operational inefficiencies and failures. More importantly, physical keys are easy to replicate.


Open App’s smart locks are installed on switch boxes. Each smart lock creates it’s own Wi-Fi field.


Master app installed in each Technician’s smartphone.


Master app establishes encrypted connection with server to receive keys and permission.


When Technician is in near a smart lock, he detects their Wi-Fi signal and picks the right lock.


Using encrypted keys, the technician can access and work on the locks.


Special admin users can control access, 7 lock names & passwords for technicians.


The smart lock can receive over - the - air software updates for more features and intelligence.

Results & Benefits

  • Zero incidence of Battery Pilferage since deployment
  • Increase in Productivity
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Freedom from Key Management and hiring of extra staff to manage lakhs of keys.
  • Reduction in customer complaints
  • Identification of negligent staff

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