Travelers around the world are being warned to keep valuable items in the hotel room safe or out of sight. Recent research has shown that 1 in 10 tourists have been victims of hotel room thefts and a third of those were somewhere in the room when the items were stolen. Thieves no longer sneak in to empty hotel rooms; they now enter when the guest is sleeping, in the bathroom, or even just lounging on the balcony.

A multitude of factors are causing this - Lack of Access control, No scheduled entry planned by the management, socio economic factors such as Job Insecurities, Financial Pressures, Poverty etc and strong resistance to change on the Management side. Access Control is the only solution that works to eliminate unscheduled or unauthorized access to Guest rooms.


We’d all like to believe our workforce is as honest, reliable and trustworthy as they present themselves to be, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case.


of all theft in hospitality businesses is performed by Employees.


Guests didn’t know a Hotel Lock can be picked by a burglar even if it is locked from inside.

Hard economic times, recession and financial crisis. are especially driving up incidents of employee theft. Hard times are also prompting cuts in security at some hotels. At the same time, hotel employees are working fewer hours and making less money, which may be pushing some otherwise honest people toward dishonest behaviors.

Some hotels provide a false sense of security by providing in room safes. But remember that using an in room safe doesn't protect you in the event of loss. And an armed intruder could easily force you to open it. For better protec- tion, use the safe deposit boxes provided by the hotel.

Another problem with hotel crime has to do with the logistics of pursuing a case.

"Hotel criminals know the odds are often in their favor even if they are caught, they are counting on the chances that you are from out of town and either won't sign a complaint, or, even if you do, that you won't return to testify against them. Then, the cases are dropped."

- Ray McCray Jr., Director of Security, Sheraton Grande Hotel, Los Angeles

We are attached to our valuable items, even when it comes to taking a holiday, particularly electronic items such as laptops, iPads and mobile phones. When you’re relaxed and having fun it’s easy to let your guard down when it comes to security, especially when in the apparent safety of our hotel rooms and this should be the responsilibity of the hoteliers to ensure that they employ and upgraded Security system that controls access lets only the right ones in.

Our Solution

A big mistake a restaurant can make is not having systems in place. Employees not adhering to polices, when they are put in place is another problem, but employers are also part of the problem when they have an attitude that theft is a cost of doing business. If you are willing to adopt a fully secure Access Control system with Superior Locking technology so that thefts can be curbed, OpenApp is a one stop for it all. With OpenApp, you can :

  • Redefine Guest Experience by allowing them to control their Room Doors through their Smartphone/ or Keypad.
  • Schedule access of your staff at a specific time, day and duration which is valid only temporarily to curb unauthorized access.
  • Location based Access to ensure that there are no tresspassers into the privacy of your hotel guests.
  • View live activity trail and history of Access into Guest rooms, Facility and Inventory rooms; thus eliminating the need of making manual entries.
  • Receive exception reports in cases of tamper attempts and unauthorized access attempts.
  • Add and revoke access of employees to doors without manual intervention.
  • Group employees on the basis of hierarchies to keep the system neat.

Results & Benefits

  • Giving an edge and a real competitive advantage with discerning, savvy travelers who desire the latest and greatest hotel experience.
  • Significant reduction in incidences of employee theft.
  • Improvement in Employee morale and productivity
  • 100% Operational convenience
  • Maximum control over access 24/7, 365 days

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