Rs. 50-80 Billion

worth of cash is transported on an average, by a Cash Logistics company at a daily basis.

An asset heavy industry such as Cash Logistics is at imminent threat around the world, especially in Developing countries due to theft, danger to employees, and damage to property. Lack of a location based system and overestimation of the potential of security guards in preventing such crimes, is leading the industry to it’s downfall as more and more such heists are becoming successful with lesser loot being recovered.


Making multiple stops, leaving Cash boxes in the open, and overestimating the ability of a security personnel in stopping a perfectly planned heist are just some of the many loopholes in the system.

  • Operational hassles of dealing with a huge bunch of keys.
  • Destruction and theft of cash boxes inside cash-van goes unnoticed.
  • Access to van’s contents and door locks cannot be monitored remotely.
  • Lack of a solution to prevent unauthorised access to Locks on door and boxes.
  • Lack of an emergency button to alert police and intended authorities.
  • The custodians can be dishonest driving away the cash-van to unknown locations.
  • Negligent driving and huge number of pit stops leading to unwanted consequences which cannot be detected in time.

Our Solution

GPS based Location tracking

Providing location based access control systems for both van doors and it’s contents.

Real-time Threat alerts and tracking

In the event of an emergency, live tracking is activated with regular alerts to the Admin.

Locking-Unlocking via Android/iOS App

Thus eliminating hassles involved in handling a bunch keys in such a vigilant operation.

Lock Activity and Tamper alerts

All of the lock activity, with location based data and tamper notifications are live on Dashboard.

SOS Button for emergencies

Provision for prominently placed button that can be pressed by the custodian to send alerts to authorities.

  • Access is scheduled ahead of time to automate process (can also be given in the moment).
  • Access log will tell the Operator details on when the lock was accessed, by whom thereby giving him control over Remote Access of moving material.
  • Analytics and customized reports will be generated to give you an overview of the logistics activity and thereby give an opportunity to improve business.

Real-time threat alert

If threat is imminent, the field executive in possession of the ‘Cash Transit box’ can press the SOS button to alert Admin/Authorities.

Admin receives a link to begin tracking the box. This link is active up to four hours, long enough for action to be taken with active alerts on the route the box is taking with listing of it’s recent users.

Results & Benefits

  • Prevented unauthorized and unscheduled access.
  • Significantly higher chances of retrieving cash in cases of criminal heists.
  • Transparent and Complete picture of operations through Remote Monitoring.
  • 100% Operational convenience
  • Maximum control over access 24/7, 365 days
  • Data and Analytics (Exportable format) to boost operational performance and ROI.
  • Live Dashboard providing real-time action around users, locks, and groups.
  • Admin and Management receives customizable ‘exception’ and ‘error’ reports.
  • Ability to schedule access ahead of time gives operational flexibility to the management to focus on improving the business instead of hiring multitudes of Admins to manage lakhs of keys and access manually.

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