Solving Industry pain points

Attempts at solving Security crisis have been made by other conventional players in the market, but they haven’t been very successful at solving problems around access. Here’s why :


Mechanical keys

Card Systems

Fingerprint Reader

Biometrics (Iris)


Keys cannot be lost/stolen/returned

Doesn’t need constant Power and maintenance

Are not vulnerable to Sabotage and Vandalism

Easy to share access with anyone, anytime

Access logs on lock activity/tamper attempts

Remote Access Automation

Time Scheduler

Location based access

The lock is portable with no need of drilling or costly modifications

Industry trend Timeline

A more visual outlook at historical developments in lock technology, from ancient times and ending with the most current technology - BLE Smart Locks.

Added Advantages

  • Lowest Cost Solution
  • Design based on emerging industry standards
  • Proven hardware design, available today
  • First mover with formidable traction

The modularity permits it to be reconfigured for a variety of applications. Such a system provides a suitable hardware base to support, design and automate existing infrastructure.

The only Access Technology you need.


  • Real-time visibility on lock activity.
  • Clear control of access to site/asset.
  • Immediate control and reduction of losses and pilferage.


  • No Geographical limitations, solutions can be used anywhere indoor/outdoor.
  • Sense of purpose and responsibility in users to be present and active.
  • Complete transparency in operations.


  • Any access point can be secured and monitored.
  • Access can be re-allocated to other users in real-time without expense.
  • User(s) can be added/removed or edited on the Dashboard remotely.


  • Keys cannot be copied or duplicated.
  • Location based access control (Geofencing).
  • Real-time threat alerts to curb theft and misuse.