The Push.

It’s extraordinary that we still accept physical keys as a norm. They are unwieldy, impractical, get misplaced, and land into the wrong hands, Outside of the growing desire to have everything simple, we also share our physical assets more than we have ever done before (and with a greater and more varied set of people).

In homes, your community, your office, at companies, warehouses, retail establishments and many more; Key Management and Access Control is a massive setback, making daily functioning mundane, and slower. All of this churn and change makes for a lot of lost keys, a lot of extra admin — a lot of fiddle in a market where technology has otherwise so effectively revolutionised how we market and share physical assets.

Keeping It Simple.

OpenApp is disrupting the industry by building a smooth user friendly platform that is supremely efficient and that can democratize access for industries across the board.

When we started, we addressed these specific problems in the ISP industry and have begun expanding to other industries, with focus on saving massive costs lost through pilferage of goods and inefficiency.

In 2018, OpenApp’s smart products have grown both in numbers and industries which they are helpful to.

Mentor Speak

Partners and Supporters

We truly believe in being Open, Free, and Peaceful. This personal belief is the cornerstone of what we aspire to see in the world, to transform what we can through technology.

Our team is a melting pot of cultures, talents, skills and attributes. Our unity in diversity, and focus on doing little things perfectly every day, is what has driven our work, and outcomes.

Does this sound like where you would fit like a missing puzzle piece?

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